What is managed web hosting

What is Managed WordPress Hosting & When to Buy One

By reading the name, the first thing that came to our mind is, does manage hosting means it will achieve the security and efficiency of our WordPress hosting. This article will give you a detailed answer.

Let us start with the fundamental question, what exactly is web hosting? The answer is quite simple. When you visit a website, you see a massive quantity of data on it. Do you ever think that where this data has stored? If so, the answer is web hosting. Therefore, we can say that website hosting is a place or a platform where you store all of your website data, and that makes it possible for online access to your website. You can buy this hosting service from different companies.

Now when we have enough information about Website hosting, let us discuss managed WordPress hosting.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you are thinking of making a WordPress website, you must have the information about certain things. First, as every site is to store on some computer system so, your system must have a good memory and processor to run this website smoothly. If you have an old system with not a powerful processor, then you might face some difficulty like the slow processing speed of your website. Second, any malware or bug in the system or on the network should stop accessing your data to get the smooth running of your website.

What if you own a website and a good PC, but you don’t have enough time or enough knowledge to protect it from different viruses, or you don’t know how to maintain a good processing speed? There is an all in all solution for these issues, and that is a managed WordPress hosting.

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A managed WordPress hosting will:
  • Enhance the performance of your website
  • Maintain automatic backups
  • Provide daily updates
  • Provide better caching
  • Provide high-end security
  • Scan for malware, and much more

Pros and Cons of managed WordPress hosting

After you have sufficient knowledge about a managed WordPress hosting, let’s discuss some positive and negative aspects of it.

Benefits of managed WordPress hosting

There is a vast list of benefits of managed WordPress hosting. The top of the list are:

  • A managed WordPress hosting has a wholly dedicated WordPress working environment. It means that irrespective of another hosting, a managed WordPress hosting will not run different sites on one hosting plan. It has an entirely dedicated environment only for WordPress.
  • A managed WordPress hosting will take care of all things associated with WordPress. For instance, it will maintain the file system, operating system, website caching, etc.
  • A managed WordPress hosting takes care of the security level as well. It will build automatic tools at the server-side to stop the unauthorized access of data.
  • A managed WordPress hosting gives you a fast running, stable, and most secure environment to work in by covering all of the weak points of your system.
Cons of managed WordPress hosting

In addition to a massive list of benefits, there are a few downsides of managed WordPress hosting, and that is:

  • As mentioned above, a managed WordPress hosting has full dedication to WordPress only. Therefore, there is no chance that you can run another site using the managed WordPress hosting. Although it is not as such a downside of it somehow, it restricts the access to other sites
  • A significant downside of managed WordPress hosting is, it is quite expensive than other hosting plans. But, as of all the additional benefits that it provides to its customers, it is worth of that additional money.

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The benefits of a managed WordPress hosting are way more than its drawbacks. Although the managed WordPress hosting is expensive than the other hosting plans, it is worth it.

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