VPS vs. DEDICATED HOSTING: When And How To Choose The Best For Your Business

You have a blog where you normally publish and release content, and its been gaining some good traffic. And considering the effort involved in creating content with great quality, you would expect that content to have a high number of visits anytime its been posted, with higher traffic from various search engines that once indexed your previous content. Everything that has been said above depends on the load placed on your server and it wouldn’t take long before you notice its reduced performance.

Is It Time To Upgrade Your Hosting Plan?

 The first thing you should do is to upgrade a different hosting plan and this would include migrating to a VPS plan or a dedicated server. Now let’s take a good look at the similarities and differences between VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting, so you will be able to figure out which is best for you. Before we start talking about the differences between VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting lets first of all understand the basics of choosing a plan. First of all, you need to consider the number of CPU cores, how much RAM and disk space would be required. Outside this, you would also want to consider the resource allocation on a server and how many websites/blogs can use it. To do this, some math calculations would be involved in other for you to know the needed resources.

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Option 1: VPS Hosting Is Virtually Private

 Virtual Private Server (VPS) has some similarities to shared hosting due to the fact that multiple websites share the same resources present on a single physical server. But the difference between the VPS hosting and the dedicated server is the restrictions that limit the users of those resources. This limitation is because of the hypervisor that the web host uses on the server to create individual virtual machines. Another thing is that a website cannot make use of the resources of another website because the resources are allocated evenly.

Option 2: Dedicated Servers Are All Yours

These are servers that are dedicated to serving only your blog. So you can put anything on it because you are been given an empty server for just your uses. Even though a web host will offer you several server configurations to build whatever server you want, a dedicated server contrasts that of a shared plan and a VPS option.

How Does VPS Hosting Compare to Dedicated Servers?

VPS hosting can be compared to the dedicated servers due to the fact that they both give increased control over your hosting environment irrespective of the software that is been installed. And when it comes to hardware, they give you the option of purchasing what you need.

a.) Cost:

The cost of the VPS plan is not expensive. They are cheaper when compared to that of the dedicated server.

b.) Managed vs. Unmanaged Options:

One thing most websites/blog owners need to know when it comes to VPS hosting or dedicated servers is the work they need to put in configuring, managing, and fully setting up a web hosting environment. If it’s a VPS plan, there’s a part in the spectrum where you are accounted for everything that relates to the server software. Fully managed plans are provided at the other end of the spectrum which involves the web host taking care of everything for you. Most times you would need to consult with the web host to know what they offer, because not all web hosts offer the same services. And remember in doing all this, make sure you take note of your budget.

c.) Security

Putting security into consideration is one of the things you should consider when hosting your website. Because if you are sharing any hosting plan with anyone and they become a recipient of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, that breach will simultaneously affect your website too. But with VPS or dedicated plan, the percentage of you getting into trouble with your neighbor is 0%.

A VPS Hosting Plan would be more preferable for you if you are still growing your blog and in need of a better hosting plan. And if you require additional resources, you should choose a Dedicated Server If you want the best for your website, especially if it’s one that has too many visits. It is also great for you if you like a more secure type of hosting.

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For most bloggers who would want to upgrade from shared hosting, we would recommend VPS hosting. Though VPS and dedicated hosting are quite expensive they would give good value to bloggers who need more developments and security.

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