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How You Can Choose The Best Hosting Service For Your Blog

It is believed that everyone who uses social media should have a blog irrespective of whether you are a social media influencer or not. Somehow, most people believe that’s its wastage of time and energy; such belief stems from not been either a technical person or not knowing where to start from. But if you are willing to take an active step, what you just need its a domain and a hosting account.

Why is Good Web Hosting Important?

If you want to have an active blog online, there are a few areas where you would have to spend money and that is hosting. Hosting would be the building block for your entire business. Issues like your hosting going down or that it is too slow, could affect your blog’s overall performance. That’s why you need to figure out the hosting service that’s best for you. Outside the fact that hosting is one of the vital components of a blog, we also need to take a closer look at what is more important than hosting which is WordPress.

WordPress is a content management system used for building and maintaining websites/blogs. It has various plugins that allow you to do anything you want and is backed up by a huge community.

What makes a good hosting service?

Here are some qualities you should find in a hosting company:

  1. Security:

    Security is one very important asset of a blog and should be given more attention because no one would want any information on their blog to be hacked. To avoid this, great consideration should be taken in other to know the type of security features offered on the blog.

  2. SSL Certificate:

    This is used mostly on websites that collect personal data or credit card information. That’s why Google ensures all websites are secure by making website developers use the SSL certificates. You can easily know if your blog is secure if you see https on the URL.

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  1. Cost:

    If the hosting account is been shared, it would be easy to afford. Unlike VPS and dedicated hosting which is quite expensive.

  2. Backups:

    This should be a regular routine for your website/blog. So make sure this option is made available by a hosting provider before you go ahead and host your blog with them.

  3. Customer service:

    It is important you have a good, accessible, and reliable customer support, so you won’t face issues when hosting your blog. A good hosting service promotes good customer service.

  4. Email:

    It’s good to have a professional email address that is the same domain as your URL to promote better services and credibility.

  5. Reliability:

    Choosing a hosting company that’s reliable would go a long way in improving good service flow on your blog.

What Are The Most Common Ways Of Hosting Your Blog?

The following includes the various, popular methods of hosting your blog:

Shared hosting:

This means that your blog is being hosted on the same server with thousands of other blogs. This can be a good start in hosting your blog if you have a low budget. Shared hosting is beneficial in situations like good support, managed back-end and one-click WordPress installs. Examples of shared hosting providers are Host Gator, Dreamhost, and Host Monster.

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Dedicated hosting:

This type of hosting is fast but quite expensive, and that’s because it involves you having an entire server to yourself. It’s not usually recommended to those who want to start with small websites/blogs.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting:

In this type of web hosting you don’t entirely own the server but a portion of it that’s dedicated to you and your blog. Though its quite expensive than shared hosting, it provides speed and reliability.

What Do You Need When It Comes To Blog Hosting?

Everything all depends on what you want to do with your blog. Knowing this would determine the best hosting plan for your blog. Below are two other things to consider when choosing a hosting plan.

a.) What platform are you using to build your blog?

WordPress can be a good platform for this or any other platform that has a good hosting plan.

b.) Are you going to be seeing tons of traffic?

Yes, this is the goal for every new blogger.

If you keep having more sales on your site, it would attract tons of traffic to your site. That’s why you would need a good hosting plan that can handle any situation.

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