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7 Must-Have Features To Have In a Best Blog Hosting Plan

Well, a good blog site always pertains to good features depending upon the hosting plans that level up the standard of your blog site.

Thus, you must know about 7 must-have features to have in a best blog hosting plan, here we go!

1.Unlimited Bandwidth

Having unlimited bandwidth under a blog hosting plan is the perfect feature ever to get more traffic and thus, giving optimal website performance. Here, the correlation between time and bandwidth plays a vital role in determining the load speed of a website . As a result, helping out to expand the popularity of contents in a blog site.

2.Unlimited Databases

Good storage is mandatory as it’s the only place where data are collected and kept. An unlimited limited version of a database is something that every blogger desires for in his blog site. As of course, it builds strong support for holding the vast majority of contents in a website.

3.Free Email

Providing free email service helps a blogger to have better communication and relation with the targeted audience. Also, it lessens the headache while configuring email inboxes.

4.One-Click WordPress installation

WordPress is the good old buddy of any blog in terms of writing, sharing and building a website. And ,when it comes to blog hosting plans that emphasise more on WordPress by enabling one click installation services and many more is a true bliss.

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5.Free Backup services

Another must-have feature is free backup plans that restores the overall performance of a blog site when any trouble is found.

For a blog website, contents are everything which if lost cannot be restored again. Plus ,tends to lose other informations and followers too. Hence, it’s  important to have a free weekly backup service under a blog hosting plan.

6.Linux Control Panel

Want all controls in a simplified way? Then the c-panel system is best referred to as a Linux-based graphical interface(GUI). Management plays something very crucial in a blog site to become the best which includes managing domains, publishing websites, organizing data and many more comes under the service of Linux based Control panel.
But why Linux? The only reason to choose is for its compatibility with WordPress that uses a database system named MySQL to manage and store all information of a blog website.

7.Free SSL

An uncompromising feature to have in a best blog Hosting plan is free SSL. In order to ensure that your blog site is safe from threats, the first and foremost step to take is to look for a free SSL certified feature under a blog hosting plan. It not only protects your website from hackings but also makes it more trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of visitors.

So, how to look for the best features in a blog hosting plan?

Research, research and research to have better understanding of what your blog site may need and what may not. And also, before choosing the hosting plan, first you need to check out the reviews, popularity, how much support it gives and number of strength factors.

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Apart from other blog hosting features, one must stress on loading speed and easy customization  first which, i feel, is important when it comes to choose the best hosting plan. However, the 7 features that I have suggested you act as the building block of a blog site. So, it’s necessary to include all of those ,without having any doubt ,for better improvement of your site.

Remember, you’re the first person to help your blog site grow with the help of best features, so be careful with your choices!

Let’s Recap

  • Unlimited Bandwidth:To have the best loading speed and visibility.
  • Unlimited Databases: To have good data storing capacity.
  • Free Email: To have better connection with people.
  • One-click WordPress installation: To enjoy the fastest building of your blog site.
  • Free Backup Plans: To restore information and contents if lost.
  • Linux Control Panel: To manage information, data and domain in an organised way.
  • Free SSL: To enable strong security in a blog site.

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